Tyrrell Hibbard

As Montanans we commonly hear how lucky we are to live here. Montana’s unique character, its beauty, the wealth and accessibility of its natural resources, and its working landscapes and functioning ecosystems enrich the lives of those who live here and those who visit. But in fact, that wealth of landscape, environment, and outdoor recreation aren’t a product of luck, but of an ethic of stewardship and conservation. The foresight of past generations provided for what we enjoy today, and only continued investment and work on our part will ensure our children will enjoy it tomorrow.

Our trail systems, state parks, and public lands access keep us connected to the essence of Montana’s character. They enable traditions of outdoor recreation and lifestyle that connect us across generations. And they connect us with visitors, who interact with the land and people and patronize our local businesses. We need those connections to our open spaces and wild places. We need them for our culture, our economy, and our children.

-Tyrrell Hibbard, rancher, business owner, and fifth generation Montanan