Ambitious Public Discussion Concluded

The Montana Outdoor Heritage Project has concluded a robust public discussion where we heard from over 11,000 Montana residents.  Between June and September 2019, we solicited public input to help prioritize the challenges facing our lands, water, and wildlife.  This public process was an important first step towards protecting our outdoor heritage and way of life for the next generation. 

Results of this comprehensive engagement showed a strong appetite from Montana residents for new state funding to support wildlife protection, improve public access, and conserve more working lands.  Download a copy of the report here.

Heritage Survey

Over 11,000 Montanans completed the Montana Outdoor Heritage Survey between May and September 2019.   

Community Conversations

The Montana Outdoor Heritage Project hosted 50 community conversations from Libby to Ekalaka.  These local conversations sought to understand what Montanans value, what they are concerned about, and how we should move forward together as a state to protect our outdoor heritage.

Where we Hosted Conversations

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MT Outdoor Heritage Project Placeholder
MT Outdoor Heritage Project

How we hosted Conversations

The Heritage Project was formed from a shared belief that our way of life is worth fighting for.  We asked volunteers and small business leaders across the state to host these local community conversation with neighbors, coworkers, and friends.   Community Conversation hosts were provided basic resources and tools to facilitate engaging conversation.  You can find the host toolkit and other resources that were used below.