Melissa Alder

As a business owner I have been fortunate to share my passion for the outdoors with thousands of people visiting the Greater Yellowstone area.  It is the beauty and wildness of Montana’s public land along with our access to these lands that brings these people to us. Our proximity to countless outdoor recreation opportunities also allows us to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  The ability to work a full day and take an hour to enjoy a bike ride or cross country ski only minutes from our door is a major benefit of living where we do.

One reason people are flocking to visit and live in Montana is because communities in our state are surrounded by public land with access to these recreational options. If Montana loses its outdoor infrastructure and the opportunities to access them we will also lose our “last best place” status which is our competitive advantage.  Because budgets to manage federal and state lands are shrinking while demand is increasing we must begin the conversation to develop long term funding streams to maintain trailheads, parks and our outdoor recreation infrastructure.