Anna Reely

As a fifth generation Missoulian, the outdoors are an integral part of my identity. I feel most alive when I am trudging through knee deep snow, floating scenic rivers, and basking in mountain air next to my beloved retriever. My life is defined by our versatile Montana seasons which are each characterized by different outdoor activities. Access to public lands provides me with these opportunities; whether it is mountain biking in wilderness areas, fly fishing on wild rivers, or cross country skiing in one of our many national forests, I revive my spirit with time spent in these rich environments.

Those who have experienced sublime moments in Montana wilderness know just how lucky they are to call this nook of the country home. We not only derive our values and worldview from this connection to the Montana landscape– our economy, livelihood, and way of life is entrenched in public lands. In order to conserve and invest in our outdoor infrastructure, we need to join forces with voices from every corner of the state. I believe that is is our greatest obligation to protect these same rights for future generations.