Alicia Zimmermann

My fondest memory of Montana is hiking in the Beartooths mountains for a week with my family when I was 8.  Even though I was only 8 and the hike seemed it would last forever, the adventure was worth every moment because we were hiking on public lands.   Lack of funding for managing our land water might seem like a convenient problem we kick off on future generations, but that is the exact reason that we should care.  Our lives would be very different without public lands..  No more fishing with grandchildren, or showing them your favorite spot to go camping. No more casual strolls on your favorite hiking trails. Montana is known for its outdoors and we need to keep it the way it is. 

The beauty of Montana is easy to take for granted when we live here and see it everyday.  Family and friends travelling from out of state always help remind me just how lucky we are when they point out the the bold mountains and rivers cutting pathways through them. The best part is when people tell me that they feel like they can breathe again or tell me the sky never ends.